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Luxury living within Jozini Tiger Estate

26 October 2018, Friday

Jozini Tiger Estate offers the only opportunity to own one of the 49 freehold stands along Jozini Dam. For many who are interested in purchasing within Jozini Tiger Estate, there is a sense of nostalgia and history that attracts them to this luxury, African-inspired lifestyle. With direct access to the beautiful mountains, nature reserves and wildlife, as well as the picturesque lake, we take a look at the charm of the area and the potential it has for luxury living.

Nature conservation

Taking a step back in history, Jozini Dam used to be land, but not just any land, it was Africa’s first formally recognised conservation area. Wildlife is a big part of the area, Jozini Dam is surrounded by the Pongola Game Reserve which is home to four of South Africa’s Big 5. This is the oldest reserve within South Africa and Africa and is formerly looked after by KZN wildlife.

The beauty of living along Jozini Dam

Formerly known as Pongolapoort Dam, Jozini Dam, was constructed 45 years ago. Over the years it has earned its reputation as a superb tiger fishing hotspot, where novice fisherman and expert anglers can enjoy a tiger fishing experience of a lifetime.

Close-knit community

What makes a location is the community, and Jozini is a small town within KZN that has a huge community heartbeat. From healthcare out reach programmes to employment initiatives, those who have lived in Jozini would have felt the charm of the community and what this uncomplicated lifestyle has to offer.

Whether you book a site visit or holiday at Jozini Tiger Lodge, the quiet, relaxed and nostalgic charm of the area is attractive to many city slickers. It fast becomes that home away from home and reason why many have invested in making Jozini Tiger Estate their holiday home.